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Computer Programming




Computer Programming students at Warren County Technical School will learn to solve problems and create software using some of today’s most popular programming languages, including Python and JavaScript. Students will create their own 2D games and build web applications. They will also take the AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A courses, giving students an opportunity to earn 6 college credits in Computer Science.

Freshmen students will begin programming using a beginner-friendly Turtle Graphics environment. They will study the fundamentals of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on developing logical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will apply their knowledge of Python to create console applications, develop 2D games, analyze data, and create basic web applications.

Sophomore students will take AP Computer Science Principles where they will learn about a wide variety of computer science topics including web design, scripting, networks, computer hardware, data analysis, binary numbers, and cryptography. Students will be introduced to the JavaScript programming language and learn to create dynamic web pages. Students will work on a final group project applying their knowledge of Python and JavaScript to create full stack web applications powered with the Python Django web framework. They will have the opportunity to specialize in either the CSS, client scripting, or server scripting aspects of the project.  

Juniors and seniors will alternate between taking AP Computer Science A and an Advanced Topics in Computer Science course. 

AP Computer Science A will help students master the basics of the Java programming language and prepare to pass the College Board AP Computer Science A Exam. The course focuses on Object Oriented Programming. Students will learn to use and write their own objects and classes to model real world concepts. They will apply their Java knowledge to create Desktop Apps using Java Swing, Web Applications using JAX-RS, and Mobile Apps using Android.

The AP course will alternate with the Advanced Topics in Computer Science course. This course will provide an overview of three topics. Student will begin expand their previous knowledge of Python by studying objects and classes in Python. Students will then delve into how high level languages are compiled. They will learn the basics of C, and use that language to explore operating systems and machine code. The final unit will cover using and designing SQL databases. This course will culminate with a final project where students can explore a computing topic of their own interest such as machine learning, game development, or mobile applications.

In addition to their course work, students will have the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA competitions in Computer Programming, Web Design, and IT Services. Students can dedicate class project time towards preparing for these competitions and can use them to expand their own interest in other programming languages and computing topics. 


College Credit

Students enrolled in Computer Programming have the opportunity to earn up to six college credits through the passing of the AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A exams.  


Students will have the opportunity to compete in the annual state wide SKILLS USA competition in Computer Programming, Web Design, and IT Services. Winners will move on to Nationals in Louisville, KY.

Above: Members of Warren Tech’s Skills USA team pose for a photo with Congressman Leonard Lance during a visit to Washington D.C.

Pathways in Computer Programming 

Graduates of this career major will be well prepared to enter a Computer Science, Web Design, or Information Technology program at the college level. Having become familiar with the most in demand programming languages and software technologies in the field today, Warren Tech students will be ready for the demands of college Computer Science classes. Students will build an impressive portfolio during their high school study to gain internship and employment opportunities. Most importantly, they will develop the powerful problem solving skills necessary to solve tomorrow’s biggest computing and technological challenges.


Warren Tech
Computer Programming

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