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Students of the Month Named

Katie Keenan was nominated for the Math Student of the Month Award by math teacher Mrs. Czarnecki. Mrs. Czarnecki notes that Katie is someone who is very conscientious. Keenan, a freshman is a student who tries hard on all assignments, completes homework on a regular basis, participates in class, and really cares about being in school. If Katie doesn't understand a topic, she asks for assistance. By her asking for assistance, others also benefit.Mrs .Czarnecki continued to say that Katie is a pleasure to have in class and explained that what really puts Katie at the head of the class is that she tries to do her best at all times.

Sean Miller earns the Cinematography & Video Production Shop Student of the Month honors after being nominated by Mrs. Seugling. Mrs. Seugling notes that Sean, a junior, is skilled in his career area and completes all his work for class on time and at a very high level technically. Sean goes the extra mile and is constantly looking for opportunities to do more. Sean started and produced the first few episodes of “Technical Teachings” last year. It’s a series that (quite professionally) explains “how-to” perform skills that students can learn in various shops. Some have included changing a tire, changing oil, art tessellations, Irish soda bread, and crime scene investigation. Teachers then can use those videos as a teaching aid for future classes.

Sean has also created a few very funny commercials for Knightline News. This year, with his primary responsibility being the news, he works with the same speed, perfection and creativity. He has produced many creative and technically impressive openers for the show, as well as commercials designed to make people laugh and keep them interested. His work is always done on time and he is always prepared and ready in his crew position every day.

Anthony Hauck earned the School Service Award for the month of December. Anthony works on behalf of Warren Tech in multiple ways. He often greets potential students as they visit the school and offers to be their guide as they learn about Tech. At the various events that occur especially on weekends, Anthony is the student who you can always count on to be here and to be engaged. He is helpful to staff, students, and visitors. Many comments were made by guests attending the Crafts Fair about our helpful students that day.


Month Award Student
September Electronics Dan Robinson, Sam Robinson
September English Tyler Bush
September School Service Award Hannah Whitmore
October Engineering James Robinson
October Spanish Zoe Flick
October School Service Award Jasmeen Wilson
November Health Sciences Rachel Pagano
November Physical Education (Male) Nathanael Morris
November School Service Award Emily Bussard
December Math  Katie Keenan
December Cinematography & Video Production Sean Miller
December School Service Award Anthony Hauck