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Congratulations Warren Tech Award Winners

Automotive Technology
Logan Hann

Logan is over all the leading performer in the shop. His willingness to tackle new and complicated repairs while staying on task is what sets him apart. Logan will make an excellent employee upon graduation!

Building Technology
Benjamin LaPenta

Benjamin LaPenta is our Building Technology student of the year. During the four years at Warren Tech, Ben has been a class leader and mentor to younger students. Ben easily grasps new technology and is able to put those ideas to work. He is very competent with both large projects like framing, roofing and siding as well as intricate small tabletop projects. Ben will be attending Triangle Tech in Bethlehem Pennsylvania in September to further his construction knowledge.

Business Management
Adaeze Uwaomah

The Business Management Shop Student of the Year is Adaeze Uwaomah. Adaeze has demonstrated during her four years in the program why she is deserving of this honor. Adaeze is a hardworking, caring and dependable student who has consistently completed exemplary work. Adaeze maintained A and B averages in business courses throughout the program and earned dual enrolled credits in Business Organization and Management and Accounting through Warren County Community College. Adaeze is a team player who is hardworking, friendly, respectful and polite. Her effort and leadership are consistent and seen in many other aspects of her high school life. Last year as a junior Adaeze represented the Business program in the SKILLS USA Entrepreneurship competition and was selected to represent Warren Tech at American Legion Girls State leadership program. She has also served as captain of the Lady Knight Soccer team and as a member of the Key Club. Next year Adaeze has decided to attend Drexel University. We wish her the best of luck and will miss her in the Business program.

Cinematography & Video Production
Sean Miller

Sean Miller has spent 4 years in TV, Radio and Digital Media proving why he is so deserving of this award. Sean has such a love of this field, and it shows through in every project, and assignment he has done. His work has been some of the best to come out of this shop, and by far some of the most popular commercials and promos on Knightline News. Sean's passion lies in stop motion animation, which is time consuming and requires the upmost attention to detail. However he produces clever and technically impressive work every single time, usually before it's due. Sean is continuing on to study TV and Film at DeSales University.

Child Development
Nakia Vassell

It's hard to sum up everything Nakia has done to earn Career Student of the Year in just a few sentences. She was chosen for this award not only by myself but by her classmates as well. Nakia Vassell has worked hard in Child Development since day one four years ago. Nakia gives 110% in everything she does, from planning appropriate preschool lessons, to preparing for her CDA, to working alongside her peers. She has grown so much personally, academically and as a future teacher. Nakia is going to go far in life and she will be an amazing teacher someday. Congratulations Nakia!

Kristina Whal

Kristina Whal is the Cosmetology Student of the Year 2018. She is a NJ skills USA golden medal winner is Nail Skills, she scored in the high nineties on her State Board exam. Worked hard for the past four years in the field of cosmetology. She is employed in a salon for the last year and half. Kristina is a dedicated with a wonderful personality. She had a passion to succeed in achieving her cosmetology hairstyling license. Congratulations to Kristina.

John Riera

John Riera is a four year member of the Electrician program. The Electrician program prepares students for in demand careers such as residential, commercial, or industrial electricians. John has been a four year member of the program. Electrical Applications introduces direct current theory, alternating current theory, and Ohm’s law. These principles provide students with a thorough understanding of how electricity works. Students draw, build, and troubleshoot real circuits under the direct supervision of the instructor.

Nicholas Small

Nick Small is a student in my Electronics class. He is a fourth year student in the program. I have found him to be a hardworking conscientious student. He consistently volunteers for projects above and beyond that which I assign and completes them in a thorough efficient manner. Nick has a very good work ethic and works hard to maintain his high grade point average. He is consistently on time or early with assignments.Nick always does a good job with project based assignments both planning and completion of task based activities. Nick has always demonstrated a very high level of ability and intelligence. He quickly grasps complex concepts with an easy going personality and works well with her peers.

Health Science
Laura Eelman

Laura Eelman is this year's Top Health Science Senior. Laura Eelman is an outstanding student will clear goals set for her future in science/engineering/medicine. Laura shows tenacity and has exceeded all of my expectations in academics in general but medicine in particular. Her unwavering desire to succeed is demonstrated in her ability to rises above the rest while refusing to settle for less. Laura graduates Warren County Tech earning 8 credits in Introduction to Chemistry & General Chemistry plus 17 undergraduate credits from Rutgers University-School of Health Profession in Dynamics of Health, Medical Mathematics, Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Medical Terminology. She is working on still more undergraduate credits to add to this list. This student is fearless and will succeed in any area she chooses! She represents our Health Science Shop well and we are most proud of all of her accomplishments.

Hospitality & Culinary Arts
Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith is the Culinary Career Student of the Year due to his consistent hard work and dedication for the last four years in the classroom and kitchen. His hard-working, humble, and kind demeanor make him an inspiration to his peers as well as culinary underclassmen. Jon will continue his educational journey next year at WCCC where he will study Business Management.

Michael Scarince

Michael Scarince won this year’s Career Student of the Year in the Engineering program. Michael has demonstrated the highest levels of technical ability within different settings. He solvesproblems quickly and effectively, has a willingness to help others, a readiness to take a leadership role and a demonstrated a strong consistent work ethic. Michael has competed in SkillsUSA's Technical Drafting competitions for the last two years. Michael was also was the lead drafter of our Robotics Team for the past two seasons. Michael was in charge of our rapid prototype machine and our new CNC engraver.

Graphic Arts
Natalia Daniello

Natalia Daniello "student of the year" is a four year student in Graphic Arts. From Belvidere, Natalia is not only an A student but has completed a multitude of projects for Warren Tech and outside organizations and companies. Natalia is a multi-medal winner during SkillsUSA competitions, a member of the National Technical Honor society, and editor of "Lancer", the school yearbook. Natalia will be graduating in June and continuing her education at Marywood University in Scranton PA.

Law & Public Safety
Tania Jiminez

The SOY for Law and Public Safety is Tania Jimenez, she came into L&PS 4 yrs ago a very shy and timid person who had no self-confidence. She sat in the front of the room and was quiet as a mouse, not talking or answering any questions. After four years of L&PS Tania now sits in the back of the room and is involved and participates in classroom discussion. She is very confident and expresses her opinions on the subject had hand. Tania has become a leader and has a caring attitude.Her junior year she was Chief of the Warren County Police Explorer's and was in charge of 25 police explorers and in charge of over 20 events here at the school and around the county. The explorer's looked up to her for guidance and advice. She was instrumental in coordinating our annual Bring a Veteran to School Day in which 28 local Veterans came to Tech for an assembly and spoke with the students in the classes for the day. Tania has been involved in soccer and softball. Her grade point average is a 90 while working 30 hours a week teaching her time management skills. Tania will be leaving Tech and joining the United States Army as a Military Police Officer this September.

Theater Arts
Liz LaParch

Liz was a three year member of the Theater Arts shop before it was forced to close last summer. Liz has been an active participant in Warren Tech productions since elementary school, played the lead in the shops final musical and remained active in the new Drama Club this year. Liz will be attending Stevens' Institute to study mechanical Engineering in the fall.

Welding & Metal Fabrication
Trevor Marcher

Trevor Marcher was named as Student of the Year for the Welding and Fabricating shop. Trevor has demonstrated an interest in developing a wide range of skills. He has dedicated a good deal of his time towards becoming proficient in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and plans to use these skills, after graduation, at a job in Virginia. Trevor enjoys a technical challenge and is always interested in taking challenging jobs. He thinks a job through before he starts it and develops a reasonable plan for his work. Trevor’s experience and opinions are valued and he is often consulted by his fellow students for advice on welding and fabricating questions. We look forward to seeing what exciting directions Trevor travels in the years ahead.


PTSA Scholarships
Millard Lawrence
Kyli Engle

Teresa LaParch
Liz LaParch

T he coveted John LaPorta scholarship went to Alexis Rotondo

Warren Tech Athletics Department Person of the Year - Allen Rathjens, Maintenance