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School Closure letter (pdf)
After School Activities are Cancelled Until Further Notice
COVID-19 Letter for Parents 3-2-20 (pdf)
12:00 Noon Dismissal Thursday March 12 and Friday March 13
Dep. of Education Coronavirus
Changes to the 2019-2020 School Calendar
March 18, 2020 BOE Meeting CANCELLED
Teacher of The Year
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Changes to the 2019-2020 School Calendar

Emergency Closing Days (if required) The Board of Education reserves the right to alter this calendar, Title 18A:36-2, if necessary, to meet New Jersey attendance standards and employee contract. In the event the district uses one (1) emergency closing day prior to January 20th, it will be made up on January 20th. If after January 20th and prior to February 14th, an additional emergency closing day is used, it will be made up on February 14th. If additional emergency closing days are used over the 5 days reserved, they will be made up as follows: April 14, April 13, June 12, 15, and 16th. If the built-in emergency closing days (5) are not used, they will be returned in the following order: May 22, 15, 11, 1, and May 29th.